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I highly recommend Dr. Anderson and the staff at BHVH! I have three adorable dogs, and Dr. Anderson has been our veterinarian for the past six years. We followed him from his previous practice to BHVH as a result of his extreme professionalism, knowledge, integrity, and kindness. He interacts so well with my dogs, and treats them as if they are his own! My dogs love their visits to see Dr. Anderson! Two of my pure bred dogs have had illnesses in the past year, and he is spot on with his diagnosis and treatment plan. They have recovered and returned to their healthy and active lifestyle. Without reservation, I highly recommend Dr. Anderson and the staff at BHVH...

Dr. Anderson and his staff at Bernardo Heights Vet Hospital are great. We first started with Dr. Fenner, and now are happy to have Dr. Anderson taking care of our dogs. We have a 12 year old Corgi with arthritis settling in, and Dr. Anderson worked with us to get him on a good medication plan to help him get more mobile and feeling better.

Throughout the process Dr. Anderson did thorough exams and offered both a conservative approach and many ways we could address the problem. I loved that he offered great information and some personal advice, but never pushed us in any direction. I've had other vet experience where I was always pushed into the most expensive and sometimes invasive procedures for my pets, so this was a very welcome change. They seem truly interested in the health and wellbeing of the pets.

The office is nice, lots of seating in the waiting room and the staff is very friendly. I see a sign in the waiting room that says there is a cat friendly day which sounds like a nice idea for cat owners who have cats who stress at the vet office. 5 Stars for sure!

We enjoyed Dr. Anderson at his last practice in Escondido, where we live. I didn't get the same feeling when we went after his departure. He is a great blend of skill, and bedside manner....important when you have three dogs and two cats! So I stalked him until we found his new location. So happy he's there!

Love this place! My Maltipoo Linus loves this place! Great care, friendly,
You can be sure your pet will get quality care, they even call when you get home the next day to check on pets.

Everyone I have spoke to in the office waiting to be seen also has great history with this office.

Definitely a 5 star veterinary practice! Dr Anderson is very knowledgeable and spends the time with you and your pet. He gives you informative options to choose from. No long waits, staff is very nice and the waiting room is clean and doesn't smell like a vet hospital. It's the only choice for me and my pets.

I have been going to Bernardo Height Veterinary Hospital for over 3 years now. My 7 year old rescue pup had a dental visit, lost a few teeth but otherwise a normal straight forward procedure. She was sent home with some pain meds and antibiotics. About a week after her surgery she just wasn't acting like she usually did, a very happy, loving talkative girl. I make an appointment with Dr. Anderson, this will be my first visit with him. Knowing I really had no symptoms to explain, I feared he would think I was crazy or just over reacting. But Dr. Anderson spent a little extra time asking more questions about what I thought normal was and what she was and wasn't doing. Turns out my sweet girl hurt her lower back! So grateful that Dr. Anderson took the time to ask about our daily routine and tried to understand what my concerns were. Worth the visit for sure!

Once again we had to make an urgent appointment with one of our fosters. Got us right in, got the usual wonderful service from the staff and quality care from the veterinarians. I called the next day with a question, expecting the staff to call me back. Dr. Anderson took time out of his day to call me with advice-on a foster dog that is not even a regular patient of the practice! Great service and personalized care by Dr. Anderson! Thanks!

It gives me pleasure to write a positive review about the great service and care at Bernardo Heights Veterinary Hospital. Dr.Anderson and his staff are top notch professionals, always at the ready offering the best of care and advice. I've been bringing Max in for 8 years now and he's always handled with care and attention to detail when having his annual check up. The new energy there is a breath of fresh air, though we're very saddened to hear of the loss of Dr. Fenner recently, he also too great care with Max and he'll be missed. Best of luck, and if anyone out there has any doubts about their current pet care providers, by all means give BHVH a try...you won't be sorry.

My experience with Dr. Fenner is that he will not only tell me what the ideal care would be, but he will also describe the pros and cons of alternatives, working with me to find what fits with my budget and personal pet care philosophies. Everyone seems to really like our pets and their jobs. I trust them to treat my animals as they would their own. Highly recommend this place.

This has to be the best vet you can ever have, Dr Abrahams called me several times in one day to check on my 15 year Coco (cat) to make sure she was doing ok after being diagnosed with kidney failure and with a hyper thyroid . He even called me with his private cell phone number and was sincerely concerned with her condition and was not upset when I called him at 10 o'clock at night with a update on how she was doing. The staff is also great, loving and understanding with all my silly questions about how to make my Cookie comfy and if I could return the special food that we bought if she didn't like it that we could get our money back. They have to be the best vet hospital that a pet owner could ever have! If you need a caring vet that actually cares sincerely about the wellness about your pet I highly recommend this vet, they are the best!!! Thank you Dr. Abrams you are truly the best Dr I have ever known, I wish all veterinarians were like you.

I want to say a special THANK YOU to Leslie. If it wasn't for her, my cat probably wouldn't be alive now!!! My kitty was diagnosed with severe kidney disease and Dr. Fenner suggested to start her on sub-q fluids, which I didn't want to do in the beginning. As the time passed, I realized that I need to do it or I will lose my cat. I scheduled an appointment and Leslie demonstrated how to do the fluids. She made it seem so easy and convinced me that anyone can do it, no problem. She also followed up in a couple of days to see how we are doing. Great practice, highly recommended.

Had a good first experience here with Dr. Abrahams.

Unfortunately our previous vet had a schedule change and the days she worked I was unavailable, so it was imperative to seek out another office for Dog.

What can I say? It's a nice place. Clean, open, welcoming. Waiting room wasn't jammed with people and animals. Staff is very helpful in finding solutions to issues that may arise. Dog was just coming for her a checkup so everything was pretty straight forward. Dr. Abrahams is a swell guy and knows his stuff.

Glad we found this place!

We were referred to Bernardo Heights Vet Hospital by friends so we started taking our labrador puppy here. Our first experience was with Dr. Fenner and he was good - very informative, kind, great bedside manner, and seemed to truly care about our pup. That being said, after the first couple of appointments making sure our pup is fully vaccinated and has a clean bill of health, we weren't completely sold this would be the clinic he would see for the rest of his life. It was our experience yesterday that really changed our minds from good to great. We walked in on a Saturday without an appointment to discuss heart worm, flea, and tick prevention. The first thing they did was take our pup back to weigh him since he hadn't been seen in several months. That in and of itself was great because he's a growing puppy and we were completely guessing at his weight! But mostly we were impressed at the information and choices with which we were provided. The girl at the front desk (wish I would have caught her name) spent about 30 minutes discussing our options and what WE think is best for our dog's lifestyle. We never felt any pressure to purchase and she reiterated more than once that there are differing opinions (specifically on the heart worm issue) and we need to choose what we think is best. We decided to put him on a heart worm preventative which led to him getting a blood test to rule out active heart worm. While he was getting the blood test, she also ran a flea comb through him to make sure we hadn't missed anything.

The moral of the story is this: we walked in without an appointment on a Saturday for a non-emergency and walked out feeling like our pup was really well received and taken care of. It was beyond our expectations. We haven't met the new vet yet (he did wave and smile at us), but we know this is the place for our pooch.