Dental Promotion

Eighty percent of dogs and seventy percent of cats have some form of periodontal disease. This causes odor, at times serious discomfort for the pet, and can have serious adverse effects on your pet's health otherwise. Dr. Douglas Aspros, past president of the AVMA explains: "Good pet owners are concerned about their pet's health and are careful to keep their vaccinations up to date, but may forget about the importance of oral health. Great owners know that this is a big mistake, as periodontal disease is the most common health problem that veterinarians find in pets." 

To do our part in protecting your pet's health we are offering FREE Sanos dental sealant AND 10% OFF dentals for February and March! That's a MINIMUM savings of $150, and even more savings in cases requiring additional dental work.

Sanos is a dental sealant that significantly extends the benefit of the dental by retarding subgingival plaque re-attachment for 6 months or more. Since the location of dental disease in dogs and cats is most commonly in the subgingival space, this product is aimed to protect the most vulnerable area. You can have confidence in the product as it is a Veterinary Oral Health Council approved item. To learn more about Sanos visit the manufacturer website: .

Other reasons why you should perform your pet's dental at Bernardo Heights Veterinary Hospital:

  • Performed by veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians who are up to date with the most current practices via "wet lab" training by board certified dental specialists
  • FOUR Registered Veterinary Technicians on staff
  • Since we are an AAHA accredited hospital, all hospital procedures and practices, including dental work, are certified in quality and safety by third party assessment -
  • Thorough anesthetic monitoring for safety - EKG, blood pressure, oxygenation, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, anesthetic depth
  • FREE in house and out house pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure pet is safe for anesthesia
  • Balanced anesthetic protocol with only the most modern agents and current state of the industry dosing regimes tailored to the patient
  • FREE Full mouth dental radiographs to thoroughly assess teeth and aid in making sound recommendations (grades 2-4)
  • Price structure to reduce the overall price while maintaining excellent quality of care
  • All work beyond the base dental cleaning is at your discretion/approval
  • Full assessment for oral pain
  • Sealant application to significantly extend the benefit of the dental by retarding sub-gingival plaque re-attachment for 6 months or more (Sanos - a Veterinary Oral Health Council approved product)
  • FREE 14 day trial of OraVet chews for dogs (at home dental chew that maintains a periodontal protective sealant every time it is used)
  • Bonding for enamel defects
  • Antibiotic plus polymer gel treatment (Doxirobe) for deep gingival pockets
  • For more advanced dental work we provide optimal pain control (oral nerve blocks, opioids, and/or NSAIDs)

Please schedule for an oral exam so we can create an accurate estimate. We would love for you to take advantage of this opportunity to improve health, reduce dental discomfort, and reduce dental odor for your pet!

Thank you for entrusting us with your pet’s veterinary care, we understand that is a big responsibility!

Dr Mark Anderson, Dr Palikarova, Dr Palikarov, Dr Ira Abrams, and the Staff at Bernardo Heights Veterinary Hospital

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